About Essay Organizing

So if you write a generic essay which is well organized these things that we are talking about right now if you are having an essay which is well organized into the introduction paragraph the body and then the conclusion with a decent content without statistics you should have a decent assess code essay writing service nz okay that’s the best I can tell you at this stage okay anyways let’s come back to the essay writing so again I am left with the third stock part of an essay which is so we started off with the introduction paragraph one paragraph about 10% of your space about another 80% of your space is the body okay which is divided between either two paragraphs at the minimum or at maximum six to seven paragraphs so typically they’ll about three to four paragraphs in the body making about 80% of the space and the last 10% of the space goes to the conclusion which again I think Ashworth missed out there was knows parrot paragraph for the conclusions as well in the conclusion you have to summarize what you have said in the body and the conclusion paragraph generally starts with to conclude or to summarize so in essence we can say therefore to summarize therefore to conclude the introduction paragraph talks about what you’re going to say next in the body the conclusion paragraph summarizes what you’ve already said in the body.

Write down the top so like I said 30 40 current affairs topics from every topic three for statistics so in all you will have at max 70 80 100 sophistic s– and you’ll cover three to four sheets of your resistor just remember them you don’t need to remember everything and you’ll find those 70 at 300 statistics fitting almost everywhere so be very smart about your preparation you have a limited amount of time all of you have multiple things to work on so be very smart don’t try and remember everything but whatever you do remember make sure it sticks.

Okay so please take a resister note down the top three for statistics of every topics of airline industry just note three for statistics on the airline industry and keep it in the register similarly tomorrow if you do telecom industry in India top three for statistics of the telecom industry note it down and then keep on revising it keep on trying to recall it every day by the end of 20 days you will find 60 to 70 statistics are on the top of your mind okay so prepare it this way you will find it much easier okay what else so again if you are unsure of the number please use the word approximate okay so Rajesh that see the idea is Swedish mostly that will give you abstract topics but if you get and and it’s not a surety it’s not a definite but it has been that has had factual topics also but generally the factual topics with Jack gives a quite generic.